Lyfe Terminal

13,000 sqm
Public Space
Bnei Brak
Completed 2022
The project is inspired by the surrounding natural environment and its unique, prominent location. The goal is to create continuity between the park and the lobby of the project; creating a culturally inspired & sophisticated environment that will generate a timeless feel, highlighting and magnifying the impact a building of this size and nature will have on the surrounding environment. The space will draw its unique feeling and design from a crevice-like shape inspired by natural elements. A "pipeline" is created to allow fresh air and sunlight to flow through, seamlessly connecting the space to the surrounding environment. The lobby will serve the functions of welcoming visitors, encouraging social and personal moments, and effortlessly guiding users through the space. As a way of communicating these principles, the design elements of seating, greenery, and material details will make reference to natural elements in a sophisticated way