Edwards Lifesciences

5,000 sqm sqm
Completed 2021

The new Edwards Lifesciences Innovation Center in Israel is situated in the stunning city of Caesarea, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. RD&A was tasked with planning and designing the interior of the space, merging two company sites in the process. The aim was to create a workspace that was both innovative and inspiring, while reflecting the essence of the company. The design concept was based on two prominent products developed in Israel, one strives to close while the other aims to open. Organic shapes depicting the human heart and body were juxtaposed with rigid orthogonal shapes associated with engineering, expressed through materiality, custom-made elements, and patterns. One of the challenges was creating a costume designed open space workstation, which resulted in a sit-stand desk with precisely planned storage, including industrial customized partitions that allow privacy, a writable surface, and acoustic materials. Artwork, 3D installations, text, interactive elements, and video art are also incorporated to represent the company's brand, aiming to inspire employees and bring them closer to company goals and ideals.