5,000 sqm
Completed 2017

The offices of high tech company SimilarWeb are spread out over two premium floors, a total of 5,000 sqm in the Azrieli Sarona Tower in the vibrant Sarona Complex in the heart of Tel-Aviv; an area that combines historical preserved structures alongside modern skyscrapers.

SimilarWeb is a pioneer in the field of big data. Providing its customers with global multi device market intelligence that helps them to understand, track, and grow their digital market share. SimilarWeb believes in values such as transparency, collaboration, and a strong sense of community that works in perfect synchronicity. Inspiration derived from their product and values guided the design team and were the basis of the design concept "the swarm" that is integrated on a macro and a micro level throughout the space.

A quote from Roy David, Architect and founder RDS:

"The development of the design concept in the SimilarWeb project was created as a direct derivative of the company's values. The search for a topological structure that exists in nature where a synchronous movement takes place between many objects that move together without being able to identify what or who leads the movement. This was a fascinating research process that led the studio to unique exciting and inspirational results."