ROOMS by Fattal - nyx

2,800 sqm
Co-Working Space
Completed 2019

The CO-WORKING spaces of Fattal occupy 1200 square meters in the Amot Bituach tower, adjacent to the NYX hotel, at the center Tel Aviv’s business district. RDA undertook designing the space in a manner that would reflect both the familiar world of Fattal’s hospitality and the developing CO-WORKING world. A space in which the values and principles of accommodation, service and personal attention meet with the values and principles of teamwork, networking and a diverse environment.

The initial design challenge was creating a space that will be appealing to tenants looking for a cooperative and pleasant environment to work in, while at the same time providing a hotel experience. The Fattal vision is to create a hybrid connecting the world of hospitality with the world of office spaces in order to create a new and different type of experience. The programmatic design puts an emphasis on creating enveloping workspaces, while using the space closer to the buildings core for public functions including meeting points and informal work areas. The residents of ROOMS have range of work areas to choose from, if it’s an informal meeting in the LOUNGE, desks in the LOBBY or a private conversation in the BOOTH.

The design language and the branding of the space was done in cooperation with the Roof Studio, that specializes in hotel branding. The collaboration of Roof and RDA insured a balance between the established hotel approach and the young and vibrate office world. This holistic approach is apparent in the space via the choice of finishes, custom made carpentry items and the lighting fixtures. For example, the floor in the reception is composed of marble fragments instilled in a cast of concrete, while the light fixtures above are of traditional hotel lighting, thus balancing the rough industrial finishes that are more typical of work environments. On the wall behind the reception desk, painted a deep saturated green, are hanging key that simulate the experience of a hotel check in. Completing the look of the entrance is white and black signage and soft inviting furniture, walking the line between new and classic.