ROOMS by Fattal - Hachshrat Hayeshuv

2,300 sqm
Co-Working Space
Completed 2020
RD&A designed the third branch of Fattal's CO-WORKING spaces, ROOMS, to merge hospitality and office spaces into a new experience. The challenge was creating a cooperative and pleasant environment that also provides a hotel experience. The space has rooms with 2-8 workstations and "suites" containing private meeting rooms, a kitchen, and 10-20 portable workstations. The programmatic design emphasizes enveloping workspaces and public functions in the building's open space. Residents can choose from different work areas such as lounge, lobby, or private rooms. The space's design language and branding were done in cooperation with ROOF Studio, balancing the established hotel approach and the young office world. The space features unique finishes, custom carpentry, and lighting fixtures.