1,100 sqm sqm
Completed 2019
The new offices of Prospera are situated in the heart of Tel Aviv, an area with office buildings, malls and many restaurants creating a buzzing city fabric.

Prospera are data solvers with muddy boot, their goal is to collect and analyze data that optimizes fields and crop yields. They describe their quest as starting with a puzzle; how is it that neighboring fields, with identical climates, seeds and framers produce varied yields. Their work assumes that the answers are hidden in the data. The design concept draws inspiration from Prospera's work, the ideas of hidden data, solving a puzzle and elements that have to be discovered are the root of this project. In addition, the graphic shapes of the different fields and the farmland colors inspire both the morphology and color palette of the space.

The design concept is apparent throughout the space in the round partitions and walls, mimicking the pivots of round fields, together with the materiality in the custom-made items and ceilings, striving to create the experience of discovering the hidden. The main space in the office is the public area that combines the reception, informal work areas, cafeteria and game area. Representation of these ideas and inspirations can be seen in the reception desk and the centerpiece hanging from the ceiling over the cafeteria, in which there is use of perforated metal mesh that in its nature allows only a partial look through it. Another material depicting this concept is corrugated plastic, a distorting material that makes inhabitants take a second look.

One of the challenges in this project was the company's decision to have the employees work in larger open spaces that they do today, yet not too big as to avoid acoustic problems and an impersonal atmosphere. The solution to this was to divide the employees into two reasonably sized rooms that are essentially open spaces but are exactly the right size for them, allowing an open yet contained environment.

Another element of this project is the 3d - 2d art on the walls that is an integral part of the design, adding saturated colors and materials to create a balance with the original muted palette, and representing the combination of a data oriented company, that software is their heart soul, together muddy farmland aspect of their work. The installation depicts the graphics of both the data and the fields.