750 sqm
Tel Aviv
Completed 2015

Roy David Studio was commissioned to design a new office space for the hi-tech company Personetics.

The new office is situated inside a newly renovated building proposed by the studio as a high-tech business hub. The two stories open office center is enhanced with the use of an impressive light fixture, one that simply can’t be ignored.

The unique light installation composed from 70 LED’s installed in equal distances and variable heights. The variable heights of each light fixture create a movement like illusion, a perpetual wave that changes its direction in perfect sync with the observant eye. The main waiting area is surrounded by wooden columns installed at varying angles. These wooden columns are used as a visually blocking material between the waiting area and the rest of the office. The repetitive movement of the shifting angles that are either airy or much denser show glimpses and fragments of different activities carried out inside the space, creating a sort of duality of what is private versus public. A minimalist, clean designed conference room is adding touches of color to the office. The meticulous use of fine rugs and furniture make the office feel warm and welcoming. With these final touches the overall intervention transforms the space into an impressive office, one sort of office that is very hard to remain indifferent to or to forget.