King David

110 sqm
Tel Aviv
Completed 2015

Located in the King David luxury tower on top of the Dan Hotel Tel Aviv, presented the architect & interior designer Roy David, founder of the RD&A design practice with the perfect opportunity to execute & realize the firm’s design philosophy and beliefs. Approached by the client to design and reconstruct their existing apartment, the studio began the design process by keeping in mind the client’s aspiration to achieve a modern minimalistic yet timeless design which will eventually transform the asset to a luxury apartment for foreign diplomats. "While approaching this project, I wanted to emphasize the sea relaxing color plate, so it would accompany its future residents, and become part of their daily routine" says David. The initial interior design of the apartment included a huge balcony which wasn't proportional to the overall apartment space, and was left unused for most of the time. The designer gave a boundless make over to the structure of the existing apartment, successfully transforming the balcony into a large cutting edge living room. By doing so, the designer managed to turn this apartment into a comfortable modern accommodation.The master & guests suites were enlarged, and smart house technologies such as automatic lighting systems, electric curtains and double glazed UV filters windows with an internal electric shading system were added. The 110 sqm., 2.8 meter high apartment, is currently owned by a well-known Sumi-e Painting artist which endorsed the minimalist designer approach.