Jelly Button Sarona

2,500 sqm
Completed 2019
Jelly Button's original office was one of the first projects RDA had the privilege to design. Naturally, as they moved into their new home in Tel Aviv after being bought by Playtika, they asked us to join them.

The new headquarters were set to occupy a floor in the iconic Sarona tower. Both Jelly Button and Playtika were keen on preserving the original culture of the company despite the purchase. The primary challenge in this project was using the company’s product, casual gaming, as inspiration while creating a space that wasn't childish. Characteristic of this genre include joyfulness, round edges and a light, inviting vibe. These were the principles chosen to lead the design. No two aisles in the project meet at a 90-degree angle, they are all rounded, creating a unique experience. Furthermore, the lightin¬¬g, furniture and carpentry all accommodate these angles. The colour palette was chosen very carefully to create a playful and joyful environment, while still maintaining a sleek look. All the walls are white, wood is very prominent, while the colours are scattered throughout.

To create the precise experience, unique items were designed. Starting at the custom-made carpentry items, through the special lighting fixtures created to follow the lines of the rounded corridors. A specialty studio designed decorative neon signs, interactive walls and video art that make sure the office is tailormade for this company.