1050 sqm
Completed 2021

The company offices are located in the new industrial area of Holon. RD&A was commissioned to design an office space for the company, that is divided into 4 different companies, among which the largest is engaged in information security. The planning challenge was to create public spaces that would provide employees from all companies, common meeting areas, and dynamic gathering spaces, which further encourage a fun and productive work environment. The design of the project is inspired by the connection between different worlds - nature and urbanity, minimalism - maximalism, the playing between outside and inside, and blurring the boundaries between them. All of these are reflected in the design through clean and simple spaces, consisting of basic geometric shapes, without any intervention of rough materials, games between light and shadow, monochromatic colors, and the design of areas that reduce attention and deficit disorder in the space. In the center of the office space, a Fun Room is designed, producing a "central square" between all 4 companies and the public spaces.The room simulates an experience on a "lonely island" when you enter it, you disconnect from everything that happens outside, and what happens inside is projected out. The room is designed as a "floating room" that sits independently in the central space.