Cal Cargo

1,025 sqm
Completed 2022

Crafting an office space representing Cal Cargo's identity as adept problem solvers and intermediaries between nations and businesses was our goal. We embarked on designing an experience mirroring aerodynamic prowess—an influential entity propelling us onward.

Our approach echoes dynamic motion, modularity, and seamless fusion of cutting-edge technology with global interconnectedness for Cal-Cargo. Within, you'll find distinct material amalgamation, engaging textures, and relaxed meeting spots encouraging collaborative and lively exchanges, cultivating an office community.



The flight simulator crafted and designed by the creative duo Charles Weinberg & Shai Ben-Ami from Studio WEINBENAMI, features a custom wooden shell that draws inspiration from a Boeing 747's front section, merging aviation aesthetics with innovative design. We appreciate Studio WEINBENAMI for enriching the workspace with their imaginative approach.