Brain Embassy

4400 sqm
Tel Aviv
Completed 2020

The shared workspaces, Brain Embassy, is the first branch of the brand in Israel. RD&A was commissioned to design the 4,000 square meters space that occupies four floors at the Adgar 360 tower in Tel Aviv.Brain Embassy’s shared workspace aims to challenge the typical work environment as we know it. It targets a new standard by creating an exceptional, distinctive, and unique workspace. The design process was complex and unique. First, it was essential to study the brand’s culture and spirit alongside the existing Brain Embassy spaces in Poland. We met with the Polish team and dived deep into the unique program, guidelines, and precise design language of Brain Embassy. We learned the story behind the brand and the thoughts that come together in one place, not just with working together but to create, share and, above all, think outside the box. Opening the first branch of the Polish brand in Israel required adaptation to the country's culture and audience. What is an Israeli space? Where do we all feel comfortable being together? What characterizes the Israeli common space? Is there a place that makes all of us as a community feel at home? For us, the Israeli market was the right inspiration.The "Shuk" is a cultural experience, which is present in every household every week.Each market and its smell, color, sounds, and most importantly, people. The market creates a sense of community, that is the starting point of our project. This idea is reflected throughout the space in the creation of varied work zones and rooms, both informal and formal, that bring people together. Each area represents a group on a shared journey through the Israeli minds, like a meeting room inspired by Grandma's living room, or a room inspired by Arik Einstein, and more. The idea for the floor plan design was to place each office adjacent to the windows, where most natural light is received. As for public areas and meeting rooms, they are placed throughout the remaining space. Between the two floors of Brain Embassy, is a staircase that is also a meeting tribune for conferences, a highlight of the Israeli experience.