2800 sqm
Completed 2019
The offices of Bidalgo company are spread out over two floors and 2800 sqm, located in the heart of Ramat Gan business district. RD&A was commissioned by Bidalgo to design their new offices, a space that would simultaneously provide a productive work environment and space that felt like home for the employees, along with a stiff industrial look.Bidalgo was founded in 2010 and became a leading provider of ad automation solutions to help app marketers achieve unparalleled growth. The company works on many platforms such as mobile advertising, Facebook marketing etc. The first planning challenge was to create a space with a combination of closed offices along with shared workspaces that included alternative work areas that would accommodate the development and the design work along with the office work carried out by the company's employees. In order to enable group seating and efficient convenient teamwork, it was important to create a variety of public and private corners parallel to the working stations, so that each employee could find the most suitable and productive work environment for him. The design concept was born out of Bidalgo’s desire to innovate, to improving and upgrading an existing product as they do every day, along with the founder’s passion for music. To effectively achieve this atmosphere, the design team looked for simple materials that can be applied in different ways that will upgrade the materials themselves. The goal was to create an industrial homie look and feel which will combine hints from the music world. The designers chose a range of natural finishes including wood and concrete combined with classic black tones and exposed ceiling, all the while integrating a variety of textures, touches of color and sleek lines via custom furniture, light fixtures and graphics found throughout the space and combining music hints with industrial and clean look.