Aleph VC

700 sqm
Tel Aviv
Completed 2017
The 700 square-meter Aleph venture capital office, located in the heart of Tel Aviv amidst historic and modern architecture, was designed by Roy David Architecture. The focus of the design was to preserve the historical values of the space while adding modern elements. The old foundations of the space were exposed and untreated concrete core walls and rusted metalwork were highlighted. Designing within preservation laws presented a challenge, but the open layout design strategy emphasized the VC's values of equality and allowed for functionality. The company slogan "different is better than better" was co-designed with artist Ohad Benit, resulting in a unique art piece. The space features concrete imprinted flooring, custom-designed partitions, furniture, and light fixtures, creating a coherent brand language. The design is a perfectly fitted home for the VC that reflects the core values of the client and the architect's vision.